I first joined Quora in 2018 and hadn’t taken it very seriously until they first rolled out the Quora Partner Program in late 2017*, early 2018. I received a random notification in my inbox to sign up for the program. The program itself was like discovering a gold mine, considering you get paid for up to a year on each question you post. There was no program like this whatsoever on the internet at the time.

Granted, these questions can’t be *any* question. These questions have to be genuine, spelled correctly and genuinely be structured to draw in external traffic…

Ever wake up one day feeling like someone completely out of your usual element, feeling lost or beginning to question your current reality?

Epiphanies are realizations that come from your life changing suddenly, either by a chain of recent or past experiences, but more often than not: this means you’re growing.

The fact that you’re reflecting on your life is a good thing. When we’re young, we fall into a pattern by what society tells us to be, or the force of our parents shoving their idea of what success means down our throats, until the day comes and you…

2019 was a real rough year of annoyance when it came down to robocallers calling everyone and anyone, whether it was on their smartphone or their home residence. Phone carriers weren’t doing enough to stop them.

Automated calls were rampaging their way to the point where the average consumer was experiencing an average to 3 calls a day, up to 9 times a day (and even more).

Even if you were on the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call registry, that still didn’t stop robocalling companies to hassle you when they could.

Last year, I got fed up and sued…

As a photographer with a background in visual effects, I stumbled upon the news that Samsung was releasing something captivating, that featured a life-like “digital avatar” and some cryptic promotions for it on their Instagram as well as their website. It had reminded me something I had written about on Quora last year.

I had someone ask me one day on Quora:

“Can you blow my mind in one sentence?”

My answer on Quora went into a quick story of how nVidia created a website called “This Person Does Not Exist”, that uses artificial intelligence and data sets, to generate…

The thought of getting stranded in London was an experience I’ll never forget. Here’s my story…

It was March of 2016. I remember boarding the airline to what would be my first flight to London on my very first voyage alone overseas. I thirsted for adventure and I had never traveled out of the country, let alone by myself. I knew this was something I had to try at least once.

My plan was to visit London for several days, fly to Iceland for the first time, then maybe travel to Spain after that. I didn’t have a clear plan…

Medium’s Subscription Pop-Up

Medium allows you to read a certain number of posts/articles a month, until you begin to receive the “Upgrade” pop-up that restricts you from reading the full article of anyone you follow. However, if you’re a writer on Medium who wishes to share your article to get more views and hits (and you don’t want people feeling turned off by the subscription pop-up window), you can go to the Gear icon on the top right and click on “Share Friend Link”.

This creates a link that bypasses the ‘Upgrade’ window that appears after several reads. …

I’ve been asked this question many times: “How do I direct a model who’s shy and introverted, during their first photoshoot?”

Having been shooting since 2005, I’ve been asked this on numerous occasions by other photographers who were new to photography. Some photographers themselves were not the extroverted type, so I’d get asked this quite often. My answer won’t apply to every aspect of modeling and photography, but because I was shooting portraits and “lifestyle” photography, this answer may be of greater importance.

Truthfully, no matter how good you are at directing, I always believed “forcing” your creative input onto…

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Pawning off your personal possessions on eBay or you’re trying to be Mark Zuckerberg with the next big Internet startup craze. The reality, of course, is that there are as many different ways to do business online as there are people making this lifestyle work for them. For example, as an Internet business owner, you could:

  • Run an informative site that generates revenue through advertisements (Google Ads for instance or Commission Junction)
  • Provide professional services to clients around the world
  • Generate client leads for offline businesses
  • Sell other peoples’ products and earn a commission for each referral either through wholesale…

I’ve had many ask me “What’s the fastest & most legit way to make alot of money on Instagram?”

The answer?

Making logos!

You may think you need extensive years in Photoshop or Illustrator to break the bank, but in all honestly thanks to AI technology, you don’t need any experience in graphic designing whatsoever and you don’t need to spend countless hours creating sample logos in possibly fear of getting rejected.

What’s the secret?

Render Forest — an AI logo generator. It can generate logos in seconds.

You start out by typing in your brand name, a tagline and a small…

The endless loop of Anxiety has a solution.
The endless loop of Anxiety has a solution.

Breathe in, Breathe Out… and relax. Hopefully what you’re about to read will help you see anxiety in a whole new light. Understanding this one hack may cut it down by alot more.

At the age of 15, I had my first anxiety attack. It was scary, ominous and made me question if I was losing my mind. It got so bad, I was suffering from agoraphobia (fear of situations that would trigger my attacks, which randomly could be anything). Several years later, after knowing what I’m about to explain, I haven’t had one since.

Ever felt like you were…

Rudy Triana

Financial Expert & Tech Writer for The Monetizer

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