The new ‘Give A Tip” feature on allows you to receive tips from your favorite readers. is always looking for new ways to monetize their platform, and as of August, 2022 — that wish has been fulfilled with an added option.

As you’ve worked hard as a writer posting consistently and sharing your research and knowledge, your favorite writers may want to go the extra mile by giving you tips.

Best of all, you don’t need to be part of Medium’s Partner Program!

If you wish to enable this new feature:

  • Click on your profile picture, select Settings.
  • Scroll down under Audience development, and from there you’ll see Tipping (now in Beta).
  • From there, you can add links to your PayPal, Venmo, Ko-Fi, Patreon, and more — whichever platform allows you to receive tips and donations.
  • Make sure to test it out for yourself to make sure the link directs to where you want it to.