A Logo Designer’s Guide to (Quickly) Earning Money on Instagram

I’ve had many ask me “What’s the fastest & most legit way to make alot of money on Instagram?”

The answer?

Making logos!

What’s the secret?

Render Forest — an AI logo generator. It can generate logos in seconds.

You start out by typing in your brand name, a tagline and a small description about your company and their AI does the rest.

Now you’re asking:

“How does this help me make money on Instagram?”

Here’s how:

  1. Look for every small business or entity on Instagram that has a really poorly designed logo.
  2. Bookmark the companies that have really bad logos. Check out their website’s color theme. (This is important because you want the logo to match their site).
  3. Go to RenderForest and use their AI logo generator.

4. In less than 5 seconds the AI generator will create an a professional logo. In this example I used “Coffee Shop”. It even read the words and text so it can generate a logo that matched with the theme of coffee.

5. Pick one of the logo’s that matches their site the best.

6. Once you’ve selected your logo, create the free plan. This will generate a free .png logo for you to use to contact your potential client.

7. Contact each company with a sample of your professional-looking logo. If they like it, sell each for $50-$100. On what would have taken hours on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you just did in less than 3 minutes for each company.

8. Contact 10 companies a day. Let’s say realistically only 3 respond back and want your design. You’ve just made $150 in one day. Multiply that into the entire month and you’ve earned $4,500 in a month at the minimum level. Contacting 10 companies only should take an hour out of your day.

See in the photos above how RenderForest generated some business card mockups? Use those in the e-mail. Painting the picture for them goes a long way and helps them visualize what their logo would look like on branded products such as envelopes, coffee mugs, business cards and more.


Financial Expert & Tech Writer for The Monetizer

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