The Existential Epiphany — “Why Do I Feel Lost?”

Ever wake up one day feeling like someone completely out of your usual element, feeling lost or beginning to question your current reality?

Epiphanies are realizations that come from your life changing suddenly, either by a chain of recent or past experiences, but more often than not: this means you’re growing.

The fact that you’re reflecting on your life is a good thing. When we’re young, we fall into a pattern by what society tells us to be, or the force of our parents shoving their idea of what success means down our throats, until the day comes and you wake up and realize: “I need to change something in my life — this isn’t where I want to be”

Epiphanies can feel discomforting. You come to the realization that you feel you’re not where you wish to be in life, or the pressure of not knowing where you stand career-wise, love & relationship-wise, and guess what? Be thankful you’re having that epiphany. You’re growing, you’re beginning to become more self-aware, you’re wiser and you’re changing.

If you never had an epiphany, you’re going to realize and regret not feeling that discomforting feeling earlier on in your life.

What helps is letting that feeling take it’s course through you, then reflect and decide what your next course of action is going to be, but don’t let the discomforting feeling consume you.

Only dead fish go with the flow, and you’re flow isn’t working for you — that’s an epiphany and life telling you “it’s time to make a change”.

Life is a constant flow of cause and effect, and sitting there dwelling on sadness isn’t going to do very well for you. 10 years from now, you’ll look back and realize that inner-gut feeling you had telling you to change your course was a good one.

Other tips for dealing with epiphanies:

  • Nothing is ever done: Life is life. Obstacles and to-do lists will always unfold. Instead of focusing on the end result, be in the process and celebrate what you have accomplished. If it’s a small thing, celebrate that. One small step goes a long way, because you’re starting the path into the right direction
  • Not everyone finds their life purpose overnight. Some people become successful at a young age (such as a child actress), but then life takes a turn and that actress may no longer get casted. Life is this way, it’s unfair — how you perceive it makes a big difference.
  • Harrison Ford, Oprah and J.K. Rowling all found their calling as older people. Don’t get so desperate that you feel forced to do something to resolve your temporary misery. Take life one step at a time, grow yourself in talents, new skills, new experiences and things will align for you. As you expand your knowledge, you expand your horizons. More doors will open for you.

Epiphanies are pathways to your next destination — Lead the course.

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