The ‘One Trick Pony’ to Earning More on Medium

Medium’s Subscription Pop-Up

Medium allows you to read a certain number of posts/articles a month, until you begin to receive the “Upgrade” pop-up that restricts you from reading the full article of anyone you follow. However, if you’re a writer on Medium who wishes to share your article to get more views and hits (and you don’t want people feeling turned off by the subscription pop-up window), you can go to the Gear icon on the top right and click on “Share Friend Link”.

This creates a link that bypasses the ‘Upgrade’ window that appears after several reads. By creating a ‘Share Friend Link’, you’ll still earn on the Medium Partner Program!

Don’t just copy your posts URL address from the web browser! Use the Share Friend Link option if you’re looking to earn more. By using this, you’ll still earn. Use it on Twitter and other platforms to earn higher revenue and get the attention your post deserves.

Access ‘Share Friend Link’ from the Gear Icon on the top right of the page.

If you’ve already been sharing all of your post links, best bet is to go back and re-do them all again. Your hard earned time spending hours, days and weeks on writing posts deserves earnings, and to restrict yourself to just Medium followers is a punishment in itself, yielding in low user-retention and readability of all your well-written content.

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